‘Vector funk’ and ‘Type jams’

This vibrant rainbow of lettering work is by Matt W. Moore of Portland, Oregon. Matt’s philosophy is that ‘range is conducive to growth and he certainly has a few strings to his bow; an accomplished street artist, graphic designer, fine artist and illustrator. He refers to his look as ‘Vector funk.’

His distinctive style and colour palette has featured on campaigns with Coca-cola, Apple & Nike but has also been sprayed on walls and exhibited in galleries all over the world.

His work is also featuring this year in a book Spectrum and Book full of colour.


im glad that i broke up with him

 i broke up with my boyfriend.i felt upset at first.u checked out his blog,wechat everyday.then i found that he blocked me and deleted me.i was so angry.why cant we be friends.i dont get it. fine,i’ll live my life and mind my business.

by the way, i am about to start my winter holiday.i am too excited to wait.

happy everyday,and be grateful for what you have